INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE - BIG BASH -Kolkata Knight Riders - Desperate strategies to win?

Thursday 26 March 2009, 4:14PM
By Cric Corner

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Kolkata Knight Riders are desparate to win games in IPL2. They are coming up with some strange strategies. John Buchanan, the KKR coach told a press conference that they have decided not to have a fixed captain for IPL2 to be hosted in South Africa.

Ganguly - Not Happy?
Sourav Ganguly, the most successful former captain of India, seemed to have a deja-vu in his cricketing career. Ganguly refused to elaborate on the decision and said that the plan was Buchanan's, quoting "He is the coach of the team and he has got the right to make decisions". Asked if he was upset, Ganguly tried to skip it but Buchanana interjected:"Of course he will be upset. He is the Prince of Kolkata." Ganguly laughed and put his hands up and said "I am not upset". But, Dada fans in India are upset with the decision.

Buchanan's point of view
John explained that the no-single-captain theory was not adopted due to lack of confidence in Ganguly's leadership skills or his fitness level. He hints that players of Ganguly calibre could leave the captaincy responsibility to others and could concentrate better on batting,fielding and bowling thereby contributing more to team's victory. He chirped in,"At the same stage we might be asking him to make some key decisions for us. It has nothing to do with Sourav Ganguly whatsoever. It has everything to do with how I perceive the 20-over game and what the demands are running that game should be."

Experts' opinion
Mickey Arthur, South African coach completely disagrees with John Buchanan's multiple captain strategy. Arthur feels that, there will be no effective communication among the players as the players need to know clearly who is in-charge and youngsters need directions from captain, one-captain."If you have more than one guy as leader, you don't know whom to turn to," he said.

Ray Jennings, also former South African coach and now Royal Challengers Bangalore coach feels John's ideas are interesting."He is a very experienced coach and he obviously has his own game plans". He also added that "I respect him for that. It is an interesting idea and it is an idea that can work." My guess is even Royal Challengers are desperate to win, and may adopt this strategy.

Only time should answer whether John Buchanan's strategies will work for KKR or not.To find it, stay tuned with CricCorner for updates and discussions.

- Karthikeyan C.N.

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