Kiwis Want to Skate... Kiwis Want to Skate... CREDIT: Hendrik van Wyk

Getting More Kiwis Skating

Wednesday 8 April 2009, 9:11AM
By Hendrik van Wyk


Time to make a stand for more and better Ice Rinks in New Zealand.

Blade-Sports is launching a VIP skating card ahead of the planned construction and opening of the Wellington Arena and Franking Ice Arenas. The objectives with this card:
- Demonstrates market commitment from skaters to Wellington City Council and Franklin Regional Council and to Blade-Sports investors that you really, really want a rink.

- Buys you a preferential and discounted entry to the Arena once it opens. Something you will need considering the rush to the previous openings.

The time has come for Kiwis to pledge more than just an online post for your community ice rink. There is nothing to lose. If the project tanks, you will be refunded your commitment.

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