District-wide Swimming Pool Fencing Safety Checks Begin

Thursday 16 April 2009, 1:42PM
By Jodine Laing-Reeve

Franklin pool owners are being issued a friendly reminder to stay alert around pool fencing safety issues. Franklin District Council is embarking on random checks to ensure pool fencing complies with national safety standards.


The move comes as Council’s around the country work on recommendations regarding the random checking of pool fencing issued by Standards New Zealand. Fencing of pools, spa pools and plastic ‘para-style’ pools deeper than 400mm must comply with the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act.


Franklin District Council GM Environmental Services James Jefferson says the checks are simply to ensure young children are protected from the danger of drowning.


“We must keep our children safe – and these checks aim to do just that. It’s Council’s, the property owners and the occupiers responsibility to ensure a pool is secure. All parties can be held legally accountable should an accident occur.”


“Perhaps you were issued a building consent years ago but haven’t done a safety check since. Please don’t be complacent. Check that your fencing still complies. Ensure greenery or playground equipment can’t be used by children to climb over the fence and that the fence is still robust.”


The random checks are free, however if your pool fencing is non-compliant, follow-up inspections cost $96.00 each.


Franklin District Council uses aerial photography, building consent information and complaints to identify pools throughout the district.


For more information on swimming pool fencing, including a handy checklist to ensure your pool fencing complies, call the Building Team on 237 1340 or check out www.franklin.govt.nz