Digital Advance Launches Search Engine For Free Stuff

Wednesday 13 May 2009, 2:59PM
By Matthew Harman

Online publisher Digital Advance today launched a search engine to help people uncover all the free stuff the world has to offer.

"It's always great to get free stuff, but in the current economic environment it's even more valuable" said founder, Matthew Harman.

Using a mixture of technology and human editing, indexes and catalogues all of the competitions and giveaways currently being run by New Zealand organisations.

"Hundreds of New Zealand companies routinely giveaway fantastic prizes and free stuff -- but finding what's on offer can be major mission. We aim to change that." said Harman.

All competitions and giveaways are granularly classified on, so tracking, for example only the competitions that have cash or travel prizes is incredibly easy.

The site also offers a daily email digest of all the new competitions and giveaways added in the last twenty four hours and readers can subscribe to RSS feeds for even quicker notification.

"The best giveaways typically only last for a day or two, so finding out about them really quickly is very important. Gimme can help you do that." said Harman.

Community contributions are also an important part of the site. "We have a lot of technology to help us seek out free stuff, but it's the community that separates the great from the good" said Harman. Users can vote up or down promotions on the site and can also submit competitions and giveaways for inclusion in the Gimme index.

Gimme is the fourth site founded by Digital Advance in the last year. The company also publishes: (community newswire and blogs), (personal finance and politics news and 'how to' guides) and (expert and consumer recommendations).