Keep Left Sign Keep Left Sign CREDIT: Taupo District Council

Keep left message to continue

Monday 13 July 2009, 7:48PM
By Taupo District Council


Operation Centreline, a road safety campaign designed to remind drivers of the consequences of crossing the centreline, has been rolled out again.

The campaign slogan “Keep Left: Lives are on the line” urges drivers to stay in their own lane. The campaign was first launched in September last year as a joint venture with Taupo District Council and South Waikato District Councils.

Taupo District Council has decided to continue with the campaign after the last year’s run appeared to have an immediate impact on drivers.

The original campaign was a response to statistics that suggest that more than half of all road crashes occur when drivers cross the centreline, so it has been rolled out again within the Taupo District as a reminder to drivers about the consequences of such actions. The main factors causing drivers to cross the centre line are believed to be inattention, fatigue, not driving to the conditions, and speed.

“As soon as drivers cross the centreline they are placing themselves and others at risk of serious or fatal injuries. We will be targeting people who are not keeping left, or driving within their lane, as these actions lead to injury and fatal crashes.” says Senior Sergeant Fane Troy of the Taupo Police.

The campaign once again includes newspaper and radio advertising, and signage and billboards in and around the Taupo district, including some new additions in Turangi and Mangakino. Also look out for the Keep Left competition.

Operation Centreline will continue to run until the end of this month.