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Contract awarded for Patea Freezing Works clearance

Wednesday 5 August 2009, 4:15PM
By South Taranaki Disrtict Council


Nikau Contractors have been awarded the contract to demolish and clear the former Patea Freezing Works site and work could begin within the next four weeks says South Taranaki District Council’s group manager of environment and information services, Graham Young.


Mr Young says Nikau were chosen because they submitted a very comprehensive proposal which involved the removal of all asbestos from the site, coupled with a very competitive price.


Mr Young also says Nikau were one of the few contractors who really considered the needs of the community and recognised the need to be involved with the community while the demolition and clearance occurs.


South Taranaki Mayor, Ross Dunlop, was very pleased the contract was awarded and that work would soon begin on clearance of the site.


“It is particularly important that Nikau are going to remove all asbestos from the site. This means that no specific area will need to be set aside within the site to contain the asbestos and will provide the community with a much greater sense of security around the cleanup,” says Mr Dunlop. “It also provides more possibilities for future development,” he says.


During demolition and clearance the Council will independently monitor air and water discharges from the site.


Mr Young says there are some issues which are still being negotiated with one of the other landowners and these negotiations would need to be completed before work could start. However he said both the Council and Nikau are anxious to begin work on the site and are hopeful this would occur in the next four weeks.


Nikau have an extensive history of being involved in the demolition and clearance of contaminated sites and have worked throughout the country on many similar types of sites. Company Director Diana Stil said she is looking forward to working with the Council and the people of Patea to complete this important project.


Nikau was chosen from eight companies which tendered for the job.