Collaborative effort to increase Alpine Aqualand accessibility

Saturday 15 August 2009, 9:59AM
By Lakes Leisure


Increasing accessibility to Alpine Aqualand pool facilities for less affluent members of the community is the reason behind a price reduction for Community Services and SuperGold card holders.

From September 1, the existing Community Services / Gold Card swim pricing at Alpine Aqualand will cost 25% less across the board.

Lakes Leisure CEO Fiona McKissock says Cr Cath Gilmour had raised the pricing concern and the Lakes Leisure board moved to lower the prices for community card holders and senior citizens.

“It’s our intention to be as accessible as possible. We have an amazing facility in Alpine Aqualand that offers leisure, recreation and fitness and we need that to be available to as many people as possible. We are a responsive organisation and are highly motivated to ensure the greatest level of accessibility to community facilities.”

Soon after the pool opened last year, Cr Gilmour gained Bill Torrance Charitable Trust funding to give Alpine Aqualand concession cards to needy local families, “but I knew that was a one-off solution”.

When a resident came to her recent community clinic saying she couldn’t afford to use the pool for post-accident therapy, Cr Gilmour approached Ms McKissock to work on a long term win-win plan that would result in more locals swimming.

"It’s been great to work with Lakes Leisure to increase affordability – it’s important to me that everyone can use the facility, especially locals who are finding it tough in the current economic climate and our elderly residents. This is why we have community owned facilities – we own the pools and can be flexible in helping people access them."

New prices for Alpine Aqualand access for Community Services and SuperGold card holders are; $4.50 casual, $30.00 for 10 concession swim card, $51.00 for 3-month membership and $155.00 for 12-month swim membership.