Cafe & Restaurant Retail Sales Trend Cafe & Restaurant Retail Sales Trend CREDIT: Steve Swann - Tourism Properties

Cafà and Restaurant retail sales hold ground

Thursday 20 August 2009, 11:32AM
By Steve Swann - Tourism Properties

At the end of the June quarter Café and Restaurant retail sales were at the same point as last year; at $1,951 million dollars. This is a positive result given the volatility in some sectors such as Bars, Clubs, and Accommodation which continue to show declining sales volumes.

According to the Statistics New Zealand Retail Trade figures released last Friday the stability in the Café and Restaurant numbers can be attributed to “a combination of higher volumes and higher prices”.

On a seasonal basis the months of May through to October are traditionally lower. It will be interesting to track the next couple of months to see if this sector can maintain pace with last year.