ARTA says customers first

Tuesday 13 October 2009, 3:45PM
By Auckland Regional Transport Authority


The Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) has written to New Zealand Bus asking the company, in the interests of Auckland commuters, to provide proposals to resolve the current dispute by 5pm today.

ARTA’s CEO, Fergus Gammie says, “Generally ARTA does not involve itself in employment disputes however we are very concerned about the impact this conflict is having on our customers.

“In the interests of Auckland’s travelling public, it is critical that this dispute now be resolved as soon as possible and that service levels are fully restored immediately.

“ARTA requires NZ Bus’ proposals by 5pm today for the immediate resumption of contracted services.

“If NZ Bus does not provide a satisfactory proposal by that time ARTA will progress actions available to it under its contracts to restore NZ Bus services to Auckland”.

Mr Gammie said ARTA has no further comment to make at this time.