Hospitality tips #2, Marketing and Promotion, Increase Profits

Tuesday 13 October 2009, 11:32PM
By Kevin Johnson - Tourism Properties

Following on from tip #1 back to Basics, sorry been a bit busy


A lot of times we forget to market and promote our own business and the power of the people and companies around our venue.

When was the last time you did the following?

  • Talked to the accommodation venues in your area, dropped of a copy of your menu, or even invited then to join you for a drink or complementary meal at your establishment?
  • Visited the Managers and owners in your area and again invited them down for a drink?
  • Offered a local company a bar tab for their employer on the week/month
  • Some sort of loyalty discount or added value offer
  • Offered a free drink voucher to your local video store to give to their birthday members

Building a data base of customers if very important, and include there email, birthday and cell phone information. Remember that everyone loves to get an email or txt for their birthday and these things keep your business in the forefront of their mind. How about sending them a free drink offers for these occasions, and remember they won’t drink or eat alone.

If you can increase your visited rate by just 5%, their revisit rate by 5%, their spend by 5% and increase your margin by %5, then this could increase your business turnover by a whopping 25%. Imagine what that will do if you do this every year, that would compound your turnover by 200% by year 3

Remember that everyone wants’ to know their local restaurateur, Publican personally, and the power of this will speak volumes to your businesses profitability.


Kevin Johnson

New Zealand Hospitality Management Ltd

0800 HospoBroker, Tourism Properties