Business Coach and Director of RES Group Butch Mawdsley Business Coach and Director of RES Group Butch Mawdsley CREDIT: RES Group and 10x North Shore

North Shore Businesses Selected for Performance X Factor

Wednesday 4 November 2009, 10:10AM
By RES Group and 10x North Shore


Local accounting firm, RES Group is bringing internationally acclaimed business planning services to North Shore City with the launch of 10X Performance Planner through its business development division, 10X North Shore.

Developed by business performance franchise, 10X, the Performance Planner model leverages the expertise of international business leaders in conjunction with local know-how and the on-the-ground support, coaching and expertise of leading North Shore 10X business coach, Butch Mawdsley.

10X Performance Planner gives North Shore business owner’s access to a revolutionary style of business planning that has never been available at a local level previously. In fact, RES Group is only one of just four firms across New Zealand selected to partner with 10X Global Pty in making this sophisticated business planning tool available to the business community.

Nic Clark, 10X CEO, makes no apologies about being scrupulous about which firms 10X brings on board, stating that “10X only partners with leading accountants and business coaches that have demonstrated a proven commitment to supporting business owners in their area. They must be dedicated to not just reporting on the numbers in their clients businesses, but proactively working on improving those numbers and the livelihood of local business.”

Butch, is thrilled that his clients now have access to this exclusive business planning service via his firm’s business development division, 10X North Shore. As he notes, “A business owner often ends up constantly working in their business rather than on it, consequently losing track of how their business is really performing. 10X Performance Planner helps business owners uncover the truth about their business performance, and provides specific, proven strategies and action plans to improve any problem areas or capitalize on opportunities for improvement.”

Butch Mawdsley is already well-known to many in the in North Shore area for the momentum his 10X team are creating in the local businesses community through their group coaching program, 10X Coaching Club. Butch says that 10X Performance Planner is a highly-welcomed addition to the suite of business performance products and services available via his 10X North Shore division.

According to Butch, 10X Performance Planner is suitable for absolutely any business and has a long-term focus that sees a business owner’s accountant and business coach get to know the inner workings of a business more intimately than other types of accounting or coaching programs. As a result, Butch promises that “Clients can be confident that the strategies they implement are the most effective for achieving their business goals.”

10X Performance Planner is based on the tried-and-tested strategies and systems of industry leaders that have been proven to work for any business. The team at 10X are confident that the Performance Planning process will fulfil the business development expectations of every business owner that uses the program – so much so that they guarantee results in the shape of a money-back guarantee. Butch states that “Many business owners are sceptical about the nature of business coaching. At RES Group and 10X North Shore we are a world-class business services provider and we’re willing to put our money to that claim.”

If you are a business owner and want to learn more about how your business can benefit from 10X Performance Planner, please contact Butch Mawdsley or Aimee Bridgman on 09 918 3690