First 24/7 link to Auckland Airport announced

Thursday 5 November 2009, 4:51PM
By Auckland Regional Transport Authority


The Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA), Airbus Express and Auckland Airport announced today that Airbus Express services would now be offered 24/7 to domestic and international travellers and visitors.


ARTA’s General Manager Customer Services, Mark Lambert says, “This is the first 24/7 public transport link to Auckland Airport. This is especially important not only for the domestic market but also in preparations for the Rugby World Cup.


“The Airbus Express has been very successful to date, offering effective and comfortable travel between the CBD and the airport to business travellers, airport workers and backpackers alike.”


Simon Robertson, Chief Financial Officer, Auckland Airport says “This is great news. The continual improvement of access to and from Auckland Airport is a key regional and national priority, and the strong growth in demand for Airbus Express is a pleasing sign that more and more travellers recognise and value this excellent bus service”.


Mr Robertson said that Auckland Airport, which was recently recognised as one of the top 10 airports worldwide, strongly supported further improvements in public transport to the airport, both for travellers and the 12,000 people who work within the vicinity of the airport.


Philip Manning, Managing Director of Airbus Express said, “Patronage on the service has grown significantly in the first quarter of this year alone which we are delighted with especially in the current economic climate, this further proves that if you focus on great customer service and reliability of timetables the word will get out. We will continue to make improvements over the next 12 to 24 months to further enhance the Airbus Express experience for passengers arriving and departing from Auckland Airport.


“The Airbus Express moved to 15-minute frequencies throughout the day in June of last year and now runs every 30 -minutes between 7pm and 6am daily.


“We are delighted to offer customers with a 24/7 service, providing a vital public transport link between Auckland CBD and Auckland Airport whenever they need it, day or night.” Mr Manning said.