ARTA calls Snapper announcement 'premature'

Tuesday 1 December 2009, 5:46PM
By Auckland Regional Transport Authority


The Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) said today that Snapper’s announcement of an integrated ticketing system for Auckland was ‘premature’.

ARTA’s Chief Executive, Fergus Gammie, said, “ARTA is currently negotiating a contract for a full multi-modal integrated ticketing system for bus, rail and ferry services in Auckland”.

Mr Gammie said, “Snapper was an unsuccessful bidder in the public tender for the Auckland ticketing system. There will be opportunities for other suppliers to be involved in Auckland’s system, these will be developed in conjunction with NZTA and the industry”.

Mr Gammie stated that “All Auckland public transport operators will be required to participate in ARTA’s ticketing system. ARTA is working with all of its operators, including NZ Bus, on this matter”.

Mr Gammie said more details of the timing for Auckland’s integrated ticket would be made available shortly.