Department of Internal Affairs Slams 'Back Door' on Million Dollar Home Promo

Thursday 10 December 2009, 8:23PM

By Murray and Michelle Smith



For the small sum of $25, come 31 January 2010, someone, somewhere will be the new owner of a beautiful Lake Karapiro home gifted by Pastors Murray and Michelle Smith of Cambridge, New Zealand.

The couple announced on 5 November they are giving away their home through a sales promotion that is raising funds to assist in building a church and community centre in their home town of Cambridge, New Zealand. The giveaway is part of a promotion to launch a new website – .

This website has recently come under intense scrutiny by Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) officials who alleged the sales promotion appeared to be illegal gambling. The Department immediately launched an intensive investigation into the giveaway.

Following a week-long investigation, the DIA has found the ‘apieceofnz’ sales promotion to be legitimate. However, the Department called for an immediate and non-negotiable amendment on one point: the Terms and Conditions can no longer allow for any extension of the closing date for the promotion. That means no matter how much money is raised by 31 January, someone will win the Smith’s million dollar home on that date.

· Full release in PDF format

· Pics of the house and Smith family can be downloaded at: