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New garden suburb to put Taupo at the leading edge of urban design

Thursday 17 December 2009, 1:44PM
By Taupo District Council


Taupo District Council today announces the development of a new garden suburb in Taupo that will provide around 2200 new homes, a wide range of living styles and housing types and benefit Taupo district ratepayers and community for generations to come.

An extension of the existing and profitable Botanical Heights and Victoria subdivisions, and occupying 197 hectares of land overlooking Lake Taupo, the new suburb will be far more than just another subdivision. It is a thoughtfully designed community that will combine village living with a high quality masterplan, marking Taupo as a leader in attractive and effective urban design.

Scott Holdsworth, Strategic Property Project Manager for Taupo District Council, said that the first sections will be on the market in the first quarter of next year. “We have developed a masterplan for the suburb to ensure we produce the best outcomes for Taupo. It will be a step up from anything so far created in the district - a place of lasting benefit to Taupo. It will be a vibrant community with seven individual and distinct neighbourhoods designed with traditional and sustainable values at its heart.

“A huge amount of thought and care has been put into providing the people who will live and work in the suburb with a lifestyle balance that is not often found in conventional New Zealand urban developments, through a range of living and recreation options to suit people’s needs and budgets.”

The development of the new suburb will help fulfil Taupo’s need to provide for up to 7470 additional households by 2026, support several of the council’s key aims and enable the council to contribute $25 million to the creation of the East Taupo Arterial bypass (ETA). Additional expected profits generated by land sales and the development will then be available to be reinvested in the Taupo community.

It is also the natural completion of urban development within the boundary created by the ETA, providing for Taupo’s growth while helping to develop a strong town centre and helping to make Taupo a more attractive destination.

Taupo District Council will also launch a website for the community early next year, to enable people to view the proposed community and the thinking that underpins it.