Finance Brokers assisting you with finance needs

Wednesday 13 January 2010, 9:13AM
By Kent Finance Ltd

In these busy times when you are either an employee or running your own business just having time to sort out your finances is a balancing act. The advantages of using a finance broker to assist you helps in many ways.

Example 1.

If you have seen a house and made an offer subject to finance, you now have a time frame to get finance to complete the finance condition in the sale and purchase agreement. Getting to the bank is not easy for some people so hence a Finance or Mortgage Broker can assist you with preparing the paper work to submit to a lender. 

Example 2.

You may already own a property have good equity but suddenly need to raise funds for a deposit on a property a business purchase, holiday, vehicle or even debt consolidation. A Finance broker can help you with short term money to put you in a position to have these funds ready.

Presenting a loan application to a lender is the role of the finance or mortgage broker, that is where their experience comes in.

We had two clients call us on monday frustrated they had not heard from their  lenders on applications they did themselves. We assisted and were not straight forward applications which were outside the bank criteria. Within one working day we had  written loan offers to work through with the client.

So when you need assistance and want a company to help you with your finance needs call Kent Finance.

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