Getting Your Finances Sorted with a Broker

Friday 22 January 2010, 8:48AM
By Kent Finance Ltd

Today on the The Morning Program TV 1 they interviewed the branch manager of Mangere Family Budgeting Services. On average 35 families a day have been asking for budgeting advice to sort finances.

Yesterday the one Budgeting Sevice office had 47 families ask for budgeting advice this is unheard of.

Not only are the lower socio economic groups affected, they are getting $150,000 plus income families struggling with debt.

By using a Finance Broker to sort small to medium loans out for Debt Consoldation is the way to go. Mortgage Brokers don't have this facility to get personal loans. By using a Finance Broker you are not shopping around and stressing yourself out, the broker does the work for you. You must be careful calling up trying to organise personal loans as they are obliged to do a credit check on you so your credit rating can be affected pretty badly if you do this.


We are getting clients calling lenders and by the time they have come to us they have already had 5 credit checks done on them via Veda Advantage. This affects your Veda Advantage score andd alarm bells ring as it looks like your trying to borrow from everyone.

Let the Finance Broker to the work

Kent Finance brokers will do all the running around for you and do only one credit check. We can organise small to medium personal loans to help with Debt Consolidation, obtain second tier lending against your property or simply refinance the property entirely.

For small personal loans you need good credit, two months bank statements and three wages slips or a salary note. For mortgage finance you do need a registered valuation that is no older than three months old. If you are self employeed you need two years financials.

If you have problems here talk to see how we can guide you.

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