Puppies needlessly left to die in Moire Park

Thursday 4 February 2010, 4:03PM
By Waitakere City Council


Following several incidents of animals being dumped, Animal Welfare Waitakere is urging people to take them to an animal shelter instead.

Last week, six beautiful one-week-old bull terrier-cross puppies were needlessly abandoned and left to die in the sun at Moire Park in Massey.

When the puppies were brought to Animal Welfare they were too young and weak to survive without their mother and had to be euthanized.

Animal Welfare Waitakere manager Neil Wells says people can bring unwanted animals to Animal Welfare at 48 The Concourse, Henderson.

“People should deliver unwanted pets to an animal shelter rather than just dump them,” Mr Wells says.

“No animal should have to suffer like the bull terrier-cross puppies last week,” he says.

“Better still, having your pets de-sexed would stop the problem of unwanted litters in the first place."

Phone the council’s 24-hour call centre on 839 0400 for more information on these services, or if you have any information relating to the dumping of the puppies in Moire Park.