Gisborne Filmmaker announces kayaking comeback and new film project

Tuesday 9 February 2010, 10:55AM
By Charity Matters

Former professional kayaker and award winning documentary filmmaker Polly Green announces her new film project documenting her return to white-water kayaking to pursue a world championship title that has eluded her in the past.

At age 40, Green has decided to come out of sporting retirement to win the 2011 Freestyle White-water Kayaking World Championships. Raw and real, this will be an exploration of human potential and an adventure of self discovery.

Green competed for 10 years on the professional white-water kayaking circuit. She placed 5th at the 2003 World Championships and walked away from the sport in 2005 to reinvent herself as filmmaker.

Greens Production Company, Flair Films, aims to inspire, empower and create positive change. Past acclaimed films such as Nomads and Soft Power Health document and raise awareness about Professional kayaker Dr. Jessie Stone’s humanitarian aid efforts in Uganda. Another film Running for Water drew attention to need for safe drinking water in Third World countries.

Now, living in Gisborne New Zealand, Green realizes, “the key to positive change begins in your own backyard. I got my fire back and rekindled my passion for the sport of kayaking and my drive to become the best person I can be. I want to share my enthusiasm and discoveries through this new film. I hope people walk away from the film inspired to pursue their own passions and seek their own potential”.

Production for the new film begins next week.

For more information contact:
Polly Green
+64.21 177 3802
View: Soft Power Health