Yan says drinking ban will not solve Wellington's problems

Friday 19 February 2010, 7:32AM
By Jack Yan


Jack Yan, who is standing for mayor, says the drinking ban proposed by the Wellington City Council will do little to quell the problems with alcohol-related crime.

While he says he supports law and order, and ensuring that front-line police have the resources they need, Mr Yan says problem drinkers can only be dealt with by addressing the root causes.

Mr Yan says many of the factors leading people to drink irresponsibly stem from the economy, something he is prepared to address if elected.

Wellington’s rise in joblessness to 7·3 per cent, the upcoming rise in GST and a lack of certainty from government would conspire to increase drinking problems in the city, he says, regardless of whatever bylaws are passed.

‘What no one seems to want to talk about is how to fix the economy, both nationally and locally,’ he says. ‘If we begin creating jobs, and give people some hope about their futures, then it’s more than likely drinking problems and alcohol-related crimes will come down.’

Mr Yan says he has proposed a jobs’ plan as part of his mayoral campaign, beginning with offering free wireless internet and encouraging creative clusters.

‘As the most creative city in the country, we can collectively attract greater investment, increase Wellingtonians’ standard of living, and solve some of our social problems without going through the expense of more signs and more laws.’

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