Glen Eden and Glen Warren Forestry Harvest

Thursday 18 March 2010, 10:56AM
By Hawke's Bay Regional Council


Council has Contracted Laurie Forestry Ltd to harvest the pine forest that borders the gully in the Glen Eden and Glen Warren Reserves (between Eden Street, Warren Street and Reservoir Road).

In the interests of public safety, Council will temporarily close areas of the reserve to the public during the harvesting work.

Council will be exploring options for the replanting of the area and would like to hear the community’s views. Possible options include creating a native forest in the gully, replanting in Radiata Pine or exploring other specialist species such as Cypress, Eucalyptus, Redwood and Giant Sequoia.

The replanting will mix replacement pine, areas of amenity planting and treescaping (landscaping for forests) Property and Parks Manager Dougall McIntyre said “this is a new method for reserves management”:

As the forest is part of a reserve any net return will become reserve funds and may be used for reserves enhancement. Although forestry is not a commercial activity by Council, returns from forestry are currently very high.

Work will commence from 22 March 2010