Big Red trucks partner with Big Red sheds Big Red trucks partner with Big Red sheds CREDIT: NZ Fire Service

Big Red trucks partner with Big Red sheds to drive Fire Safety

Wednesday 21 April 2010, 1:02PM
By NZ Fire Service

Every couple of hours a home burns in New Zealand. The financial cost runs into the millions. However, a figure can't be put on the emotional devastation - particularly when fire claims a life. A desire to reduce the impact of fire in the community has prompted The Warehouse to team up with the Fire Service to promote fire safety messages in store and in their advertising.

While the Fire Service regularly runs tv commercials highlighting the consequences of fire, according to Fire Service National Commander, Mike Hall, television advertising is just one part of the strategy.

"Partnering with appropriate organisations opens up new communication channels for us to the public and this opportunity with The Warehouse is a perfect case in point. With 86 stores around the country, a sizeable advertising presence and with a huge percentage of New Zealanders shopping there each week, they are an ideal partner to work with to promote fire safety and we are grateful they have chosen to do so."

An example of a joint fire safety campaign the two organisations are working together on involves smoke alarms. In 80% of the house fires the New Zealand Fire Service attend each year, smoke alarms are either not installed or not working. Mike Hall believes this is unacceptable and says it defies belief that people would willingly put themselves and their family at serious risk by not having working photoelectric smoke alarms in their home.

The Warehouse agree and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Lewis, and his team are determined to assist in raising awareness of smoke alarms as a critical life saving device, that no home should be without. "Community safety and wellbeing has always been a priority for The Warehouse," said Richard. "With our ability to reach upwards of one and a half million customers every month we are delighted to be able to support the New Zealand Fire Service in promoting this important safety message."