Public urged to have its say on Recreation Centre

Tuesday 27 April 2010, 11:22AM
By Clutha District Council


Clutha District Council is urging all residents and ratepayers to have their say on its proposal to increase its contribution to the Clutha Recreation Centre and on how any Council contribution should be rated for.


The proposal is part of this year’s Draft Annual Plan and Proposed Amendments to the Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-19 document currently out for public consultation.


The proposed amendments to the Long Term Plan are:


  • To provide an extra $1.3 million to the proposed Clutha Recreation Centre, lifting Council’s proposed contribution from $1.2m to $2.5m.

  • To change how the ratepayer contribution to the Recreation Centre is funded.

  • To (a) grant $1m to West Otago Health Trust and (b) rate a Uniform Charge to the households which fall within the West Otago Health service area, to pay back the loan and interest charges needed to fund the grant.


Chief Executive Charles Hakkaart said there had so far been a strong response to the West Otago Health proposal, with over 125 submission/survey responses received to date.


However, Mr Hakkaart said feedback on the proposed Recreation Centre had not been as forthcoming, with only about 20 submission/survey responses received so far.


“We urge anyone who has an opinion, good or bad, on the proposed Recreation Centre or anything else in the draft Annual Plan to fill in a submission form and let us know their view,” he said. “Responses will be presented to councillors to help them consider the community’s response and make a final decision.”


The Clutha Recreation Centre, estimated to cost about $5 million, is intended to be a multi-use sporting and recreation centre incorporating up to six netball courts, which could also be used for a range of other sports and activities.


Council is proposing to increase its contribution from $1.2 million to $2.5 million.


Council also wants to hear from the public on its proposal to change the way it rates for its contribution to the proposed Recreation Centre. The Council preferred option is to move to a system in which ratepayers in different electoral wards would pay a uniform amount based on their proximity to the Centre as illustrated in the table over the page.


“The funding method is an important issue whether or not you agree with Council’s proposal to increase its contribution amount,” Mr Hakkaart said.


Submission forms, as well as full copies of the draft Annual Plan, are available online at or from any Council office or Service Centre. Submissions to the draft Annual Plan will close on May 10.


Proposed funding methods for Council’s contribution to proposed Clutha Recreation Centre

(all figures include GST)



$1.2m option

$2.5m option

$1.2m option

$2.5m option

$1.2m option

$2.5m option

Funding Method







Funding Method 1







UAGC (including Balclutha)







Balclutha Community Services**(medium value property)














Funding Method 2







UAGC*** (including urban communities)







Urban Communities (Balclutha, Stirling, Kaitangata, Kaka Point, Owaka) Uniform Charge














Funding Method 3







Balclutha Ward – Uniform Charge (UC)







Clutha Valley and Kaitangata-Matau Wards UC







Clinton and The Catlins Ward UC







Lawrence-Tuapeka and Bruce Wards UC







West Otago Ward UC








* These figures are inclusive of the UAGC and this is the total amount.

**Please note that the Community Services rate is based on land value, so the amount would vary depending on the value of your land.

Council’s preferred option is:

Option 3: Council increases Recreation Centre contribution to $2.5 million and the Council share is funded by a Uniform Charge for each Electoral Ward area, which is based on their proximity to the Recreation Centre.