New trading system a winner in recent bear market

Monday 3 May 2010, 12:15AM
By Ed

A new trading system developed by Traders eBooks is attracting a lot of attention worldwide from stock traders. The YouTube ">video describing the system has been viewed more than 33,000 times and sales of the ebook describing the system and containing the codes to run the software is selling well.

While the system performed well when share prices were increasing the true value of the system became clear during the recent bear market with the way it locked in the gains made in the rising market and protected investors equity in the falling market.

As shown in the graph an investor investing $A100,000 in the ASX200 index on 8 March 2000 using the new Advanced Stock Trading System (ASTS) would have received almost six times their original investment whereas an investor investing the same amount by simply buying stocks representative of the index would only have increased their equity one and a half times.

As Managing Director Terry Fullerton says "The system is a classic case of necessity being the mother of invention which arose from a frustration with the results obtained from using existing trading systems. One of our partners is a keen trader and he had tried a number of trading systems over the years but none of them gave him the confidence to use them as an investment tool so he decided to build his own and the ASTS system is the result. The results he has obtained have more than met his expectations as a reliable investment tool.

Building on the success of the original ASTS system we have now upgraded the software with a 2nd edition to fine tune it to increase the number of trades while retaining the reliability of the original system. This edition focuses on medium term stock trading based on a weekly chart and provides a complete trading system including well-defined stock selection, entries, initial and trailing stops, exits and contains a new section on money management. It includes all Amibroker indicator codes".