However you do it, tell them to ease up on the drink

Wednesday 5 May 2010, 4:11PM

A second television commercial goes to air tonight as part of the Alcohol Advisory Council’s (ALAC) new Ease up on the drink campaign, showing a conversation between two friends at work when one of their drinking is becoming a problem.

This follows the launch of ALAC’s campaign in early April with a commercial showing two mates talking during rugby practice.

ALAC Chief Executive Gerard Vaughan says the aim of the campaign is to show New Zealanders how they might have a conversation with someone they care about if they’re drinking too much.

“We know that there are many Kiwis out there who are worried about the way someone close to them is drinking but they find it hard to speak up or do something that will help. These ads provide people with a language and also help give them a way in to the conversation,” Mr Vaughan said.

The new ad is set in a workplace and shows two friends talking during a coffee break about what happened at the last work drinks.

Mr Vaughan says the ad highlights the things people are most worried about when it comes to drinking at work.

“When we talked to people they told us they were worried about offending their workmates, embarrassing themselves in front of their bosses and doing things that would jeopardise how they were perceived in the workplace. We’ve incorporated these situations into the ads,” he said.

ALAC is keen to emphasise that employers too have a role in creating a safe and healthy environment around alcohol in the workplace.

“Employers play a big role in setting expectations and taking a lead around how alcohol is used and managed in a work setting – from the way work drinks and functions are organised, to implementing host responsibility measures like providing food and non alcoholic options,” said Mr Vaughan.