Kaipara agrees on Cames Road

Thursday 27 May 2010, 3:46PM
By Kaipara District Council


The decision followed an in-depth discussion by Council which detailed the steps taken by Mayor Neil Tiller in recent weeks to facilitate discussions between the parties to the Cames Road debate. “The meetings Deputy Mayor Alspach and I have had with representatives of both sides to the argument have proved to be productive. I hope that continuing with the agreed process will result in a workable solution.”

Mayor Tiller was optimistic that an agreeable resolution could be reached but reiterated that getting all the right information was important. “Council has asked staff to investigate and report back to Council on what the costs of opening the road to constrained vehicular access may be, how we may enforce some controls on the type of vehicles that may use the road and what future devices can be implemented to calm and control the traffic on that road.”

It was agreed during the meeting that continuing with the status quo was not an option and positive steps to seek a solution acceptable to all needed to be taken.

“The decision of Council will facilitate the first steps in bringing to an end a debate that has been ongoing for a number of years. However, the first step is ascertain all the information as to costs, funding, engineering requirements and safety options to enable Council to make a fully informed decision” Mayor Tiller explained.

Mayor Tiller said that a further meeting between the parties was being planned for June.