North Shore district plan would have protected views of volcano

Friday 28 May 2010, 10:54AM
By North Shore City Council


The new eight-storey 30 metre high Mount Eden prison currently under construction would not have met been permitted if North Shore district plan rules were applied, due to its proximity to a prominent volcano, says North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams.

"The North Shore district plan has specific provisions in relation to maintaining the volcanic cones free from unnecessary structures and obstructions. Height restrictions in view corridors for Mount Victoria and North Head, Devonport ensure these regionally significant cones are protected visually."

"I am appalled at the way this extermely tall prison has been built right in front of beautiful Mount Eden, and that this structure will for all time be a blot on that volcano's presence in the region. It should not have been permitted to go to 30 metres in such close proximity to this iconic mountain, which is very precious to the people of Auckland."

"This rings alarm bells for me as we head into the Auckland super city that Auckland City would seem to have such a lenient district plan as to allow this monstrosity, whereas North Shore City would not permit it under our rules. Harmonizing the district plans of all the cities in future will need to recognise that some areas of Auckland have much higher expectations of the built environment, including recognition of important natural features such as volcanic cones." says Mayor Williams.

Extract from the North Shore City Council District Plan:

8.3.3 Landscape, Landforms, Geological Features and Views


  • To recognise and protect those areas which make a significant contribution to the landscape character, sense of identity, or geological history of the city. .......
  • By maintaining the volcanic cones free of unnecessary structures and obstructions.
  • By providing height restrictions in view corridors to ensure that volcanic cones are not visually intruded upon by residential development on adjoining sites and to ensure that views of these cones from important viewing locations are preserved.
  • The city has a wide variety of landscape features and many areas of scenic and amenity value which provide distinctive character and identity worthy of protection. ......

The visibility of the volcanic cones: Mount Victoria, North Head and Rangitoto, because of their marine setting, impart a character that is distinctly North Shore.

Visibility of the cones in the volcanic field is considered a matter of regional importance. Protection of viewing corridors is achieved through provision of maximum building heights. Protection of landscapes is achieved through zoning.

Expected Environmental Results :

• Unobstructed natural outline of the volcanic cones as assessed by an annual review of compliance with resource consents

• Protection of views of the volcanic cones from important viewing locations within the city as assessed by an annual review of compliance with resource consents