223 to compete in outrigger world champs

Wednesday 2 June 2010, 7:32AM
By NZ 2010 Worlds Sprints

A 223 strong paddling contingent (largest country attendance) left New Zealand on 20 and 22 May to compete at the 14th IVF Va’a (outrigger canoeing) World Championships. A nationally selected contingent that fielded crews in the Junior Girls and Boys 16 and 19 divisions, as well as Senior entries for the Open, Master, Senior Master and Golden Master divisions – all but three divisions had New Zealand finalists if not medalists.

Paddlers from around New Zealand were selected over a year ago to compete in this event after qualifying to do so last November. Running a second in the overall medal tally to their closest rivals NZ consistently field competition to their long standing rivals Tahiti. Tahiti took home 67 medals overall to New Zealand’s 43, no other country came close to these top two competing countries.

See the attached link to information relating to the NZ successes and overall results for participating countries.

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