Midget Offroaders Head South

Wednesday 9 June 2010, 2:04PM
By Scott Campbell


This months South Island round of the Asset Finance National Offroad Racing Championship will be South Islanders first chance to get a look at the new youth development offroad class. The cars are built and designed here in New Zealand and can be purchased as a kitset or fully ready to go. The cars, which are powered by an 150cc motorbike engine, are designed for children aged 5 to 8. They are designed to be a stepping-stone to get kids into the sport the same way go-karts do for track racing. The carts sell for $2500 fully assembled and are a great safe way to get kids into motor racing at a very low cost.
Designer Richard Crabb is now putting together a new race package for children 8 years old and above. The new vehicle, dubbed the Kiwi Truck, is based on the American trophy carts, which are a smaller version of the big v8 trophy trucks. A trophy cart will also be displayed at the Mainland challenge to demonstrate what the new Kiwi Trucks will be. Crabb is still working on a price for the Kiwi Trucks but if the Midget Offroader is anything to go by then it will be extremely reasonable. Crabb is also offering a drive in one of his Midget Offroaders to anybody who is interested.
The event these new youth offroaders will be shown at is the Mainland Challenge, held at The Rock FM Offroad Raceway, Weedons Ross Rd, West Melton on the 19th of this month. Racing starts at 11.30. Tickets are only $10 dollars, under 12s free.