Tyres burning near Morrinsville Tyres burning near Morrinsville CREDIT: Waikato Regional Council

Warning over tyre fires

Wednesday 9 June 2010, 4:35PM
By Waikato Regional Council


Environment Waikato is warning people they face stiff fines if they illegally burn tyres.

The warning follows a noticeable increase of cases of tyre burning from around the region with one or two complaints being investigated each week.

Investigations and complaints manager Patrick Lynch said tyre burning was banned nationally as it produced toxic smoke and oil which could harm people’s health and contaminate the environment.

“People who burn tyres put themselves and down wind residents at risk and can expect instant fines of up to $750. There is the prospect of prosecutions resulting in heavier penalties where circumstances warrant.

“There’s simply no excuse for tyre burning. Taking them to an authorised dumping facility is the proper way to get rid of them.”

For more information on the rules covering the burning of waste, phone EW on 0800 800 401.