SkyCity continues to profit from crime

Monday 21 June 2010, 2:56PM

The Problem Gambling Foundation questions why SkyCity Casino continues to profit from the millions of dollars that finds its way into their coffers from criminal activity.

Hot on the heels of the multi-million dollar drug ring that used SkyCity Casino's VIP lounge as an office to plan P deals, the casino profits again from the $2.7 million stolen from an Auckland business that ended up in their VIP high roller room.

Graeme Ramsey, Problem Gambling Foundation CEO, says SkyCity should not be able to retain the profit derived from criminal activity.

"Here are two cases of fraudulent activity where millions of dollars have ended up in SkyCity's coffers," he says.

"Why should SkyCity be able to profit from crime? An innocent Auckland business has just lost $2.7 million and they deserve to be recompensed in the same manner as the ASB Bank reached a successful agreement with Peter Versalko's service provider."

Graeme Ramsey says huge amounts of money are involved and SkyCity shouldn't ignore it.

"In the recent drug ring case, the drug dealers reportedly spent nearly $20 million at SkyCity blatantly laundering the money through pokie machines. SkyCity would have made about $2 million from that," he says.

"How can this continue? We will be asking the Minister of Justice to look at this."