A professional website doesn't have to be expensive A professional website doesn't have to be expensive CREDIT: Jason Dodd

Lowering the cost of doing business online

Wednesday 7 July 2010, 4:06PM
By Jason Dodd


In an economy emerging from a recession, even the most generous business owner is looking twice at their expenses. Cutbacks are just a requirement for businesses who want to stay afloat during lean times.

One area that some businesses are unaware of being able to make large savings in is the cost of their website. On the one hand they begrudgingly admit that it is a necessity for businesses to have a website, they are often paying large sums to website design and hosting companies and seeing little return.

A new Christchurch-based business aims to lower the price point for NZ businesses to get online. PogoStick Web Services offers cheap websites that are squarely aimed at helping businesses who are struggling to meet the costs of website design, construction, hosting and email services.

The lower prices are a result of streamlining the business so the savings can be passed directly on to the client. This allows them to build complete websites that include a customised design, email services and a CMS for almost a quarter of what other firms are offering. A full website costs around $300 and hosting and email services are provided for $4 a month.

And, while the prices may be out-of-this-world cheap, there's nothing cheap about the end result, with websites merging seamlessly with the business's branding and logo, a unique appearance, professional-looking email addresses (instead of the common Xtra or Slingshot addresses), a CMS for the business owner to easily make their own changes and ongoing support and flash add-ons.

Many NZ business owners have discovered this relatively unknown website service and are thrilled with the results and the prices. View some NZ business websites built by PogoStick Web Services.