Fleet Management company fosters Christchurch students

Friday 9 July 2010, 12:49PM
By Jason Dodd

July 9, 2010 Christchurch, NZ - Telogis is a software company that identifies with university students in more ways than one. The company that began in Christchurch many years ago has grown to be one of the biggest development houses for fleet management software in the world.

And like university students it not only has a passion for knowledge it also thrives on travelling the world. The company has extended its reach into markets as far away as North America, Europe as well as Latin America.

But it hasn't forgotten its roots, with a relatively small yet passionate R&D office working out of Birmingham Drive in the Christchurch suburb of Middleton, that are focused on leading edge technologies and cultivating academic talent from the nearby Canterbury University.

Telogis is known to be picky about who it employees but the steady stream of talented interns who work there is testament to the level of talent coming out of Canterbury University. In fact, members of the
Telogis team recently beat out universities across Australasia to win the pacific ACM-ICPC contest.

And the rapidly growing technology firm is constantly on the lookout for new talent looking to put their brains to good use with an IT job in their Christchurch office.