Rampaging Bull is our Show Kickboxers.

Wednesday 21 July 2010, 9:40PM
By Kupa International Martial Arts


A local Martial artist by the name of Junior Ioane has joined forces with Kupa International Martial Arts to train fighters and to run kickboxing shows in Hastings Hawkes Bay.

Junior is a local celebrity who has fought in a few shows. He has maintained a steady club where he was able to train and mentor other fighters whilst training for his own fights.

Shihan Tom Kupa has been operating Karate schools for 25 years. He has strived to bring Martial Arts into a better light. The programs that are run by KIMA are Bullying Awearenes, Introduction into Martial Arts and Empowering Women. All programs available to any school wanting  these types of programs. We also have women only specials when asked for.