Making Music

Monday 26 July 2010, 11:42AM
By Christchurch Symphony Orchestra


Over 3000 students from around New Zealand will soon be able to experience all the intricacies of running a professional orchestra, without leaving their classroom, through the Ministry of Education supported LEARNZ virtual field trips and with additional support from Solid Energy.

Working with Christchurch Symphony Orchestra (CSO), LEARNZ will offer students and teachers the chance to join the orchestra on tour, during a rehearsal and at the orchestra’s concert, CSO Presents in Association with BECA – Rodgers and Hammerstein – A Tribute, playing on the 31st July at the Christchurch Town Hall.

Classes have the opportunity to meet musicians, conductors, and front of house and marketing teams as well as going back stage to see how the concert is managed.

In the build up to this concert students will also learn about playing in an orchestra, different musical genres, the art of making music, the life of a musician’s, instrument families of the orchestra and conducting.

With the increasing realisation that communication technologies can be an effective tool in learning, LEARNZ has become recognised as a professional development resource for teachers and they are providing an increasing range and quality of interactive virtual field trips for students in New Zealand schools.

2009 was the first time LEARNZ had been involved in a music based field trip and is one of four virtual field trips now offered related to the Arts Curriculum.

Solid Energy, CSO’s Outreach and Education sponsor, has been instrumental in bringing the orchestra and LEARNZ together, with the first trip in 2009. Solid Energy has supported virtual field trips to its mine sites since 2003.

“LEARNZ virtual field trips, run in partnership with industries such as Solid Energy have been growing in popularity over recent years as teachers realise how easy it can be connecting their students with remote experts and activities”, said LEARNZ Project Manager Barrie Matthews

“We are delighted to be involved in this creative and innovative learning opportunity” explained Michelle Rousse, CSO Communications Manager.
“To be able to take orchestral music to as many students and teachers as this project does is a privilege and we are all very excited to be part of it”.

Solid Energy Communications Director, Vicki Blyth, adds: “Solid Energy has developed fantastic working relationships with the teams at LEARNZ and the CSO over the last few years supporting online education programmes, nationally, and the touring CSO initiative into South Island schools. We’re all looking forward to delivering a great musical experience for school students across the whole country. We’d also encourage students in Canterbury to attend the concert – it’s going to be a great night!”

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
CSO Presents in Association with BECA – Rodgers & Hammerstein – A Tribute
8.00pm, Saturday 31st July ,Christchurch Town Hall
Conductor and Arranger: Richard Marrett
Featuring artists: Ali Harper, Jennine Bailey, Michael Lee Porter, Juliet Reynolds-Midgley, Angela Johnson, Ravil Atlas, Nic Kyle and dancers Lucy Wells and Glen Harris