WebSafety NZ Help Businesses Boost Productivity

Monday 2 August 2010, 12:40PM
By WebSafety NZ


WebSafety NZ Limited, a Christchurch based company specialising in software to manage the internet, are making it affordable for small businesses to make large gains in managing cyber slacking in the workplace.

“Small businesses have the same concerns as larger businesses, but just don’t have the budget for in-house IT staff”, said Dean Stewart, WebSafety NZ’s Owner & Director.

“Businesses are able to quickly identify internet abuse in the workplace by requesting an ‘Internet Audit’”. Mr. Stewart explains that an internet audit is done on a ‘per machine’ basis. “We run a file through security software and produce data in a readable format”.

The company analyses the data and compiles a report for the customer. Mr. Stewart says that they often find poor performance is related to long periods of non-work related internet use. In some cases they find the trend has been going on for many months.

WebSafety NZ help businesses tackle the ever changing landscape of technology, by developing robust Acceptable Use polices. The software products they install are designed for non-technical people to manage.

Businesses see a fresh approach in what WebSafety NZ offer. Internet auditing provides businesses with a snapshot of what their employees are doing on the internet. It’s then a matter of deciding whether an Acceptable Use policy is sufficient, or implementing one of their software solutions.