Yellow warns customers about fax scam

Tuesday 10 August 2010, 7:25AM
By Yellow

Yellow® is warning customers not to sign a hoax fax that is currently circulating. The unsolicited fax is being sent to customers in order to scam money.

This fax falsely claims to be sent from Yellow pages® and displays a logo which looks like the real Yellow pages® logo but is upside down. It also includes a copy of Yellow®’s Terms and Conditions.

“We are urging Yellow® customers not to sign this contract or disclose their details”, says Yellow®’s Marketing Director, Kellie Nathan.

“If customers sign this fax, they may be entering into a legal contract and could be liable to pay almost $4,000. We don’t want to see that happen”.

The scam fax is offering Yellow® customers the option to have their company details, search words and key industry phrases, recorded and submitted to the Google search engine to enable them to reach more people searching for products and companies online.

The fax also asks customers to provide an authorised signature and fax it back to ‘Yellow® Page (not ‘Pages’) New Zealand’. According to the fax communication, payment is still required for the agreement term (two years) in the event that the customer asks to be removed from the service.

Yellow® suggests advertisers contact the Customer Assist team on 0800 803 803 or their Yellow® representative should they have any concerns.

The yellowpage fax scam has been circulating off and on around the world for more than a year. The New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Scam Watch, has been notified.