Norwegian 1-2 at World Orienteering Championships

Friday 13 August 2010, 9:06AM

By Orienteering New Zealand


Former Junior World orienteering Champion Olav Lundanes gave the Norwegian fans a home-town result today, winning the gold medal in the World Orienteering Championships Long distance in Trondheim, Norway, with teammate Anders Norberg taking silver.

Aflthough the Swiss dominated the Sprint final, winning both the men and women's races, the Norwegian 1-2 in the mens has host nation Norway expecting even bigger crowds for the Middle distance final on the weekend.

Kiwi Chris Forne was an excellent 24th place, in spite of losing three minutes on the longest leg to the 9th control, through steep and marshy forest.

With the Middle distance final to run, Forne is in a similar position to 2009 where he raced himself into top form for the last final to place 17th and a best for NZ men.

Also racing the Middle distance final on Saturday is Hawkes Bay's Ross Morrison who is returning to fitness after his appendix was removed three weeks ago.

Swiss woman Simone Niggli was again unbeatable relegating Norwegian Marianne Andersen to second place.

Lara Prince (Chrictchurch), New Zealand's other finalist in the Long, took 43rd place in her first finals appearance at the Worlds.

New Zealand have named the Relay team for Sunday; Thomas Reynolds will be the first runner, Ross Morrison the midle and Chris Forne will run the anchor leg.

2010 World Orienteering Championships, Trondheim, Norway.
Long distance final.

Men, 15.1 km
1 Lundanes, Olav NOR 1:32:41;
2 Nordberg, Anders NOR 1:33:21;
3 Gueorgiou, Thierry FRA 1:36:21;
24 Forne, Chris NZL 1:45:56.

Women, 9.88km
1 Niggli, Simone SUI 1:12:49;
2 Andersen, Marianne NOR 1:15:02;
3 Claesson, Emma SWE 1:15:07;
43 Prince,Lara NZL 1:51:46.