NZ Natural Healthcare Industry Set To Make A Massive Web Impression

Friday 13 August 2010, 11:54PM
By The Wellness Directory Ltd


NZ Natural Healthcare Industry Set To Make A Massive Web Impression!

Sunday 29th August will represent a shift in mentality for 100 New Zealand health
practitioners. Namely, a transition which enables them to exploit the internet and
market their health business more effectively. The marketing event, entitled ʻHow to
make sure existing clients contact you more oftenʼ, is being organised by The
Wellness Directory Limited
and represents the fifth event of its type since the launch of
the company one year ago. The occasion gives complementary health professionals
the opportunity to enhance their on-line and offline marketing knowledge as well as
network with colleagues and friends.

“If you currently search on ʻnatural treatments for arthritisʼ the first page
results are dominated by health products …for dogs and horses! I am a huge advocate
of natural health but its unrivalled benefits and methods are still very invisible to the NZ
public. The directory and marketing events were hence created to help increase the
web visibility of NZʼs complementary health practitioners and the benefits of their
therapy services,” remarks Jonathan Callinan, Founder and Managing Director of the
web based initiative The Wellness Directory (

The Wellness Directory is clearly no orthodox business directory. Each Practitioner
listed within the site has access to a 5-page website profile which enables them to
promote their services, events, products and articles. In addition, the public can also
access short health video-clips which have been created by converting therapistsʼ
articles – a truly win-win situation for the practitionersʼ credibility and the visitorsʼ
needs. The website denotes a very interactive and effective health resource. It is the
off-line interaction of these practitioner events, however, which uniquely complements
the on-line Wellness Directory.

“Previous web marketing events were wonderfully enlightening on how technology
could work for my business. There were plenty of useful traditional and web marketing
tools along with ideas which opened and inspired different directions we could take to
grow our practice” says Auckland yoga master, Vincent Bolleta.

Such occasions can only serve to enhance and benefit individual health businesses at
a time where natural health products and their consumption are under serious scrutiny
by the NZ Ministry of Health. Moreover, internet technology is playing a major role in
raising the profile and credibility of the natural health practitioners. More importantly,
increased visibility allows the NZ public to make better informed choices for their
overall health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Directoryʼs 1st year anniversary and marketing event takes place on Sunday 29th August
(10.30am – 1.00pm) at South Pacific College of Natural Therapies in Ellerslie. "