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ABSOLUT's sponsorship of New Zealand Fashion Week and collaboration with local designers - Adrian Hailwood, Federation and Lonely Hearts. CREDIT: Pernod Ricard New Zealand

ABSOLUT CREDIT: Pernod Ricard New Zealand

ABSOLUT CREDIT: Pernod Ricard New Zealand

ABSOLUT VODKA'S fashion legacy goes local
Wednesday 1 September 2010, 8:16AM
By Pernod Ricard New Zealand

ABSOLUT VODKA continues to collaborate with cutting edge visionaries with their latest sponsorship of New Zealand Fashion Week and partnership with local designers, Adrian Hailwood, Federation and Lonely Hearts.

Over the last 20 years ABSOLUT VODKA has collaborated with an array of the world’s top fashion icons to produce a host of unique and innovative fashion creations.

The first ABSOLUT fashion piece was a silver mini-dress made by the designer David Cameron and shot by legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel for a campaign that ran back in 1988. Ever since then, ABSOLUT fashion projects have reached far beyond the inner fashion circles, with some of the world’s most famous international designers creating fashion pieces for ABSOLUT including Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

ABSOLUT is proud to announce its support of local designers and New Zealand Fashion Week, which in 2010 is celebrating its tenth year of this highly anticipated event.

As a leading international brand supporting creativity and artistic expression, ABSOLUT has now joined forces with leading New Zealand fashion designers, Adrian Hailwood, Federation and Lonely Hearts.

Three unique ABSOLUT designer cocktails have been inspired by each of the designers and created by ABSOLUT.

“I always enjoy collaborating with creative brands like ABSOLUT”, says Adrian Hailwood, who also collaborated with ABSOLUT in 2005 when he joined nine other designers from around the globe to produce an ABSOLUT bespoke bag.

Federation creative director Jenny Clegg adds, “It’s great to see ABSOLUT supporting NZ fashion.”

The ABSOLUT designer cocktails will be sold throughout September in participating bars, including the ABSOLUT STUDIO – a creative space designed to showcase the best of fashion, art and music at New Zealand Fashion Week.

“Our partnership with ABSOLUT VODKA reinforces our aim of taking the work of our local New Zealand designers to the world. As an internationally successful brand that encompasses collaborative vision and creativity, it is fantastic to have the support of ABSOLUT,” says Myken Stewart, Brand Manager for New Zealand Fashion Week.

ABSOLUT STUDIO is open to those attending Fashion Weekend (24 - 25 September) and will feature bands, DJs and of course the ABSOLUT designer cocktails at the Viaduct Harbour Marine Village venue.

“It’s great to be working with a brand as iconic as ABSOLUT. We love ABSOLUT’s history and aesthetic and are very excited to be next in a long line of impressive collaborators”, concludes Lonely Hearts designer Steve Ferguson.

ABSOLUT HAILWOOD, Inspired by Adrian Hailwood
45ml ABSOLUT Citron
6 wedges of lime
2 barspoons of caster sugar
30ml of fresh pomegranate juice
Method: Muddle lime with sugar and shake with ABSOLUT Citron and fresh pomegranate juice
Garnish: Rose petals Glass: Tumbler

ABSOLUT FEDERATION, Inspired by Federation
45ml ABSOLUT Kurant
30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup
2 black doris plums (tinned)
Sugar or light brown sugar rim
Method: Muddle plums and shake with all other ingredients and strain over fresh ice in a short glass
Garnish: Soft brown sugar rim Glass: Tumbler

ABSOLUT LONELY HEARTS, Inspired by Lonely Hearts
45ml ABSOLUT Pears
30ml freshly squeezed lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
6 large mint leaves
Topped with soda

Method: Build drink in a long glass and stir. Garnish: Mint sprig Glass: Tall glass

Notes to editors:
All ABSOLUT FASHION information can be found on where consumers can enter the draw to win the bespoke fashion item of their choice or one of the 30 items of designer clothing being given away from 1st September.

Bars that will be selling the ABSOLUT FASHION designer cocktails over the month of September including the ABSOLUT Studio at New Zealand Fashion Week can all be found on
New Zealand fans of ABSOLUT can also join the local ABSOLUT New Zealand Facebook page to find out about drink recipes, exclusive offers and other ABSOLUT events here in New Zealand: INDEX