Inside party guide for Safety NZ week

Wednesday 1 September 2010, 11:53AM

A new resource on how to host social functions while ensuring guests don’t drink too much will be available to New Zealanders as part of Safety NZ Week (30 August – 5 September 2010).

The Inside Party Guide is a new booklet contains recipes, ideas and activities for people hosting social occasions at home.

“We want to ensure people host safe social occasions, without causing harm to themselves or their guests,” said ALAC Environments and Settings Manager Andrew Galloway.

“Alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of harm in New Zealand. Alcohol can be enjoyed as part of social occasions, as long as its use is managed.”

ALAC has produced the booklet because people said that they are keen to get information about activities, non-alcoholic drink options and food recipes to use when they have people over at home.

The Inside Party Guide will be distributed during Safety NZ Week in Liquorland stores throughout New Zealand. In the mid to top of the North Island it has been included in the New World mailer that goes directly to households. Copies will also be available for communities to use to support their local events.

The Inside Party Guide is part of ALAC’s current campaign ‘Ease up on the drink’ which aims to give people the confidence and tools to take action to help themselves and the people they care about avoid getting drunk and therefore experience less harm – including the way they set up and ‘host’ drinking occasions.

The resource supports Safety NZ Week 2010 which is an annual ACC-run event that encourages New Zealanders to make their home a safer place. Preventing injuries caused by falls and alcohol in the home is the focus for Safety NZ Week 2010 (30 August – 5 September 2010).