Yellow® warns customers of second scam

Friday 3 September 2010, 3:16PM
By Yellow

Yellow® is warning customers about a second scam, this time a hoax invoice is being circulated. The scam invoice should not be paid. The invoice is being sent from by mail in order to scam money.

The invoice claims to be sent on behalf and in the name of Yellow® Publishing Ltd and instructs recipients to make payment by cheque to Yellow® Page Marketing B.V, Plaza Level, AXA Centre, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010.

As before, the invoice displays a logo which looks like the real Yellow pages® logo but is upside down.

Yellow® Marketing Director, Ms Kellie Nathan says that if anyone receives this invoice they should contact the police.

“Whoever is behind this hoax is just trying to scam money from advertisers and they are counting on people thinking the invoice has come from the Yellow Pages Group®.

“We’re taking this very seriously and have notified the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Scam Watch, the Commerce Commission and the New Zealand Police.”

Yellow® is advising customers to contact its Customer Assist team on 0800 803 803 or the New Zealand Police, if they receive this invoice or have any concerns.