Christchurch Earthquake Update Tuesday 7 September 7am

Tuesday 7 September 2010, 8:13AM
By Christchurch City Council


Updated situation:

* The welfare centre at Burnside High School is closed this
morning due to damage sustained as a result of a number of after shocks
over night. People staying there will be given the choice of re-locating
to the main welfare centre at Addington Raceway.

* There was an increase in the number of people staying in the
welfare centres over night. Linwood welfare centre hosted 105 people
over night; Addington another 145 and 71 people stayed at the Burnside
welfare centre.

* The domestic terminal at Christchurch Airport has been closed
over night because new cracks have appeared in the building due to
aftershocks. Travellers on domestic flights are leaving from the
international terminal.