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NZ Security Intelligence Service website upgraded

Friday 7 September 2007, 1:01PM
By Rt. Hon Helen Clark

Changes designed to improve the way the Service communicates with the public.


Prime Minister and Minister in Charge of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Helen Clark said today that the NZSIS website has been revamped.

The website address is www.nzsis.govt.nz

"The changes to the website are part of a two-phase project, designed to improve the way the Service communicates with the public," Helen Clark said.

"Phase 1 was launched earlier this week, and focuses on:
· improving the information architecture, content and graphic design, making it easier to use, and
· fully aligning the Service's website with government guidelines for departmental websites.

"The next phase will be launched in 2008 and aims to complete the upgrade to the standard of a sophisticated, state-of-the art website.

"Most of the NZSIS' employment vacancies have already been on the site, including vacancies over recent weeks for senior managers, and IT and HR positions. The Service expects a large number of hits on the website later this month when the next advertising campaign for intelligence officer recruits gets under way," Helen Clark said.