Greens support ban on liquor outlet sale of party pills

Monday 10 September 2007, 12:28PM
By Green Party

Moves by Manakau City Council to ban party pills from being sold at liquor outlets have been backed by Green Party Drug Law Reform Spokesperson Metiria Turei.

"It is important to deter people from mixing party pills and alcohol. The health risks posed in isolation by BZP and by over-indulgence in alcohol are massively multiplied when the two are mixed. Manakau City Council is to be congratulated for taking the initiative and presenting the liquor outlets in its area with a clear choice – either party pills or alcohol, but not both," Mrs Turei says.

"The Greens support the strict regulation of party pills as the safest, fairest way of dealing with the party pills problem. We would classify alcohol, tobacco and BZP as Class D drugs, and apply strong regulations to their sale and use. These would include heavily enforced age restrictions, restrictions on outlets, mandatory health information and severe penalties for breaches.

"The action by Manakau City Council is in accord with the Greens' general approach. As well as minimizing the risks to local residents of mixing drugs and alcohol, the MCC ban will send a useful educational message to people right around the country, about the dangers of combining the two.

"Harm reduction should be the goal of all drug policy. It is important that party pills are regulated in a way that people are informed to avoid the risks involved," Mrs Turei says.