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Corina Hazlett CREDIT: Word of Mouth Media NZ

Leading NZ artists and sculptors to exhibit in the annual Flaxmere Art in the Garden event
Monday 4 October 2010, 11:28AM
By Word of Mouth Media NZ


Leading New Zealand artists and sculptors will exhibit in the annual Flaxmere Art in the Garden event in North Canterbury later this month.

More than 70 artists and sculptors have entered this year’s event which for the first time also includes an award for the best high school artist.

The October 28 to 31 event will be held in a 120-year-old barn near Hawarden on the Flaxmere estate which has been made a garden of national significance by the New Zealand Garden Trust.

``We are also promoting the artwork of a talented young Aucklander Charlotte Sinnema, just nine years old, who is the protégé of noted artist of Mark Olsen,’’ organiser Alison Meyer said today.

Most noted entrants are glassmaker Bevan Taka (currently in Sweden), sculptors Ben Foster (Kaikoura), Anna Korver (Auckland) and Nicco Thompson (Carterton), artists Simon Edwards and Blair Greig. Edwards and Arthur Hawke (Nelson) won the people’s choice awards last year.

``We expect at least 2000 people to visit the event and we are hoping people will take time to enjoy the garden and the art works after the tumult of the recent earthquake.’’

Artists entered include: Dana Rose, Bill Burke, Sally Burton, Shelia Brown, Grace Downs, Toni Duffy, Sue Currie, Kevin Dunkley, Simon Edwards, Craig Fletcher, Blair Greig, Alison Hale, Larissa Hall, Corina Hazlett, Naeri Love Lee, Libby Kingscote, Janet Marshall, Sally Munnings, Joanne McDougal, Svetlana Orinko, Frances Paul, Gaby Reade, Catherine Russ, Sarah Rutherford, Mike Southern and Jane Smith.

Sculptors: Peter Laszlo, Ben Batchelor, Gary Baynes, Sean Crawford, Jane Downs, Geoff Druery, Sharon Earl, Ben Foster, Sam Genet, Arthur Hawke, Jim Instone, Ironic Art, Derek Johns, Lauren Kitts, Ruth Killoran, Anna Korver, Geoff Korver, Ken Laws, Alice Lewis, Andrew Lyons, Linda MacIntyre, Sally Mason, Ernie Maluschnig, Toy Murchie, Steve Malloy, Doug Neill, Irene Percival, Lorraine Polglase, Trevor Polglase, Rebecca Rose, Tim Royall, Shaun Rennell, Graham Snook, Bon Suter, Gary Sutton, Nikolaus Thomsen, Lisa Turley and Tusha Midgley. Potters: Katie Gold, Alice Lewis, Royce McGlashen, Bob McQuarrie and Sue Newitt. Glass artist: Bevan Taka. INDEX