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Farmers urged to wear seatbelts on tractors

Thursday 21 October 2010, 9:16AM
By Department of Labour

The Department of Labour is today urging farmers to wear seatbelts on tractors, and to fit seatbelts to older tractors, to ensure their safety.

“The Coroner’s report into the death of a farmer in Masterton highlights just how important it is for farmers to take their safety seriously while riding on tractors,” says the Department’s Chief Adviser Health and Safety, Dr Geraint Emrys.

“All new tractors which are fitted with seatbelts should be used. Farmers should also seriously consider fitting seatbelts, and roll protection devices to older tractors. If seatbelts are not used, farmers are putting themselves at serious risk,” he says.

“Failure to take all practicable steps under these circumstances is likely to result in the driver being killed, which is a far worse outcome than any potential enforcement action by the Department.”