Research reveals the value Kiwis place on having New Zealand on air

Friday 29 October 2010, 12:33PM
By NZ On Air

Research commissioned by NZ On Air has emphasised the value New Zealanders place on having local content on our airwaves.

The public perception research has found that more than two thirds of people believe locally funded television content is important to all New Zealanders, and 80 percent think it is important to screen locally-made children’s shows.

Another 60 percent of people feel it is important for radio stations to play more New Zealand music.

“The research reinforces the importance of locally made content, and the appreciation that New Zealanders have for seeing and hearing more of New Zealand on air,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

The nationwide survey, undertaken for the broadcasting funding agency in April this year, asked 750 randomly selected respondents about the value they put on local programming and music, which programmes they are watching and listening to, and where they get information about new music. It also asked them to rate their enjoyment of a range of NZ On Air funded programmes.

The information is used to help with NZ On Air’s planning and policy development.

When asked about their music listening habits, three quarters of respondents said they get their daily music fix from the radio, while nearly half of people rely on the radio to find out about new music.

“Radio really is still king when it comes to music listening behavior - the most common source for both finding new music and also daily listening. Of course the internet has added an effective new channel, but radio still has a leading role in introducing and promoting new music to a broader public,” said Ms Wrightson.

The research also found that NZ On Air funded TV programmes continue to be appreciated by their audiences.

“We asked people to tell us what NZ On Air funded programmes they are watching, and then asked them to rate their enjoyment of those programmes. Programmes like Country Calendar and local documentaries continue to be our most well-watched and well-liked funded programmes, but across the board, NZ On Air programmes are receiving high marks from viewers.”

For a copy of the research report, see here.