Guy Fawkes going to the Dogs

Tuesday 2 November 2010, 12:06PM
By Dog Guru

Every year hundreds of dogs suffer high levels of stress in the home as guy fawkes takes over the night skies. Simon Goodall from Dog Guru says "most of the time dogs can adapt to loud noises but at this time of the year the noises are so different and loud and this associated with the smells put the dog in overload". 

This is the time of year that as much as you want to comfort your dogs often the best approach is to pretend nothing is happening. The desire to comfort them only reinforces the behaviour that is happening so you reinforce the stress and end up on a downward spiral.

The best thing to remember at this time of year is that is short term and will only go on for a couple of weeks. Try to think of things they love doing and do that before the night starts and while they are going ignore the behaviour and sit down and read a book.

Simon Goodall says "there are many dog owners with the same issues you are having, relax and have a drink"