Lure of Leadership in the Corporate Pack

Wednesday 10 November 2010, 2:47PM
By Dog Guru

Working with staff is very similar to Dog Training. In Dog training the key ideas are to remain calm and confident while also using boundaries to give the dog certain freedoms as it gets older. Simon Goodall from Dog Guru has recently been running seminars for the corporate world with a company that specializes in employee issues and management. These seminars have been seen as "eye opening" and "very left field" but in addition to that the clients have been able to see real life situations when talking with Simon Goodall and go back into the workplace with their corporate "pack"

While Simon Goodall does not like the term "pack leader" due to the connotations of it in the dog world the seminar is based on how business managers and owners cope in the work environment. Simon Goodall with many years of experience and the largest dog training company in New Zealand was staggered when meeting with the corporate world to see just how many issues are exactly the same as in dog training. 

Simon Goodall has a small piece of advice - when you are a business manager work on ensuring you have taught your staff exactly what to do before you tell them off. We have a saying in Dog Guru which is "every time you say no, start to think have you told the dog exactly what to do".

Simon Goodall is the Director of Dog Guru Ltd with dog training offered in all the major centres around the country including New Plymouth, Tauranga, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Dog Guru can be viewed at or contacted on